We build and ship products for our users, for our clients and for our community!

Internet of Things
Deep Learning
Data Analytics

We create the product you always wanted.

Our products

We work at the intersection of hardware, software and emerging high growth technologies. Checkout our products in product section.

Products built for clients

We built the products of our clients ranging from AI, Chatbots, IoT and much more

Products built for community and learning

Building community is always a best way to meet and interact like minded people. We have build the products which enables learning and tinkering for our community.

Products for our users

We use our focused set of capabilities to build great products. We design, build and support new tech products and apps for users worldwide. Like any products, try it out!

Internet of Things


The easiest IoT Platform ever

Bit By Bit

IoT Kits


Providing Intelligence to your Property

Artificial Intelligence

Parking Automation

Sensorless smart parking


Integrated intelligent security

Hotel Hallway Solution

Automate Hallway


Providing Intelligence to your Property

For Makers

Bit By Bit

Wirefree Breadboard


CNC & Laser Engraver

Products for our clients

We have developed products for our clients worldwide in the domain of Machine learning, Internet of things, Automation and Data analytics.

App Development


Using IoT to conduct surveys


For medical PG prepration

Hotel Automation

A Deep Learning Solution



NLP bot for beauty products


Chua's circuit

For learning chaotic systems

Tinkering Labs

ALT lab setup

Data Analytics

Email/social media analytics

Internet of Things

Home automation switch

Smart app controlled switch

Products for community and learning

We run, maintain and build communities on new age technologies. We build products for community to learn and create products together


Bit By Bit

The wirefree breadboard


IoT platform for learning

Desktop software for microcontroller

To learn and build IoT


Python library to implement CNN



4th passive element

Neuromorphic Designs

Neuromorphic Algorithms


Convolutional neural network

Educational Methodologies

Learning Management System

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