We work at the intersection of hardware, software and emerging high growth technologies. Our three key products include World's simplest memristor and kit for memristor study, Hardware platform Bit by Bit to learn and build electronics and online application store for desigigning Internet of things applications. Click on the products to know more about them.


Bit By Bit

Desktop App for Microcontrollers




We are proud of our research work which includes designing world's simplest memristor, unravelling and controlling the behavior in cohere which has been unexplained for more than 120 years, finding a direct relation between the fields of memristor, granular media and elastomers.

The other research work includes designing wire-free breadboard for easy prototyping, developing cellular neural network algorithms for image processing, developing a privacy oriented architecture for IoTs and developing a fog architecture based Internet of things platform for quick onboarding on Internet of things.

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Research Themes


Privacy Oriented IoT Architechture

AI Enabled Smart Camera

CNN Based Image Processing


We deliver talks, conduct workshops and meetups and work actively with students on various projects. Many of the students have completed their undergraduate thesis mentored by us and some of them have even published research papers in International Journal of Repute. We also work with high school students and have developed small modules to teach them basic electronics, Internet of things and mobile app development.

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Hands-on Workshops

IoT session in schools

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