A memristor is an electrical component that limits or regulates the flow of electrical current in a circuit and remembers the amount of charge that has previously flowed through it. Memristors are important because they are non-volatile, meaning that they retain memory without power.

Coffee, Curiosity and Coherer

As they say, anything can happen over a cup of coffee and this story is no different! Gaurav and Varun were friends for over a decade, and one fine day they were sitting at a coffee house discussing Gaurav’s trip to Second Memristive Symposium at Berkeley. Gaurav shared the exciting work around memristor that he witnessed at Berkley. Varun, who has been an evangelist of Bose’s work, thought there were some co-relation with the research work by Bose and memristor and he convinced Gaurav to look deeper into these aspects. Soon, details were put forth, money arranged, plan made and mLabs was born. Gaurav quit his job at Cadence for full time involvement at mLabs, while Varun assisted throughout.

Three years of curiosity, discussions and support from various researchers and professors from different parts of the world, led us to where we are today. We are also sincerely grateful to Prof. Chua for his continuous support and mentorship.

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