Introducing Bit By Bit, the all-new educational kit

Bit By Bit is an educational kit which combines the simplicity of a toy and the power of a computer to help you build and design internet enabled products. Supported by companion software with more than one thousand read-to-use applications, a dedicated in-person helpdesk and an ever growing maker community, it helps you become an expert engineer in minutes.
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Teach advanced technology in a fun, accessible way

Bit By Bit comes with a course that can be customized for your organization’s size and need, in-person training for your staff, and an online help-desk. We provide the support you need to help teach advanced concepts to students.
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An ultimate kit to learn and build an IoT.
  • Online IDE
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Large Community
  • For College Students
  • For Scool Students
  • For Makers